Bed Bugs

There is no need for you to panic in case you find bed bugs in your home. These little brownish red and flat oval insects hide in hand to reach places, including in the cracks of your bed and under your mattress. Their colour makes it easy for them to conceal with their surroundings, making it tough to find them during the daytime. To make matters worse, they only venture out of their hiding places early in the morning before dawn sets in, such the blood of their victims, and return to their hiding places before their victims feel the itching sensation. They release saliva, containing a chemical that causes the inching sensation. Their saliva also contains an anticoagulant and anaesthetic agent that they transfer to their victim's body during the blood sucking process. The anticoagulant prevents your blood from clotting, allowing the bed bug to such your blood freely and the anaesthetic agent numbs the zone, preventing you from feeling the itching sensation immediately. Their bites are dangerous, and the burning sensation lingers for several hours to a couple of days, depending on the sensitivity of the skin of the bitten individual. There have been extreme cases in which the patient had to be taken to the dermatologist for treatment in the aftermath of a bed bug bite.

Taking control over bed bugs

dust monitoring is one of the most effective ways to eliminate the presence of bed bugs from your home, and preventing them from manifesting.

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Apart from this, hang your mattress on a clothesline in the sunshine. As bedbugs hate light, they will go away from their hiding places in the mattress through this process. It is a good idea to spray the mattress with bug terminator sprays while hanging them in the sun in your yard. This terminates the bugs still present in your mattress and prevents the toxic fumes of the anti bed bug spray to spread in your room. You should also ensure that you prevent the infestation from spreading be keeping things removed from the room during the cleaning process inside a sealed polythene bag and treating it with exterminator spray too. As mentioned earlier, dust monitoring is extremely important. Therefore, you should vacuum clean the surface of your bed after removing the mattress, collect the dust gathered, place it in a polythene bag and dispose of it after sealing it. If the infestation is too much, seek the help of professional pest control companies to do the job.