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If you’ve done your homework on getting rid of bed bugs, you’ve likely come across the term Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade, a household name in the bed bug war game and when it comes to killing bed bugs, the version from Nature’s Wisdom is magic.

Folks, this one’s actually a no-brainer – it’s inexpensive ($14,50 for 10lbs), it’s 100% natural, it’s odorless and it really kicks bed bug butt!

Be warned though, diatomaceous earth pool filter grade has been heated and chemically treated and will poison any human or animal, so it is an absolute imperative if you have pets and/or children around, that you buy diatomaceous earth food grade for use in your home and not pool filter grade. If you want to know where to buy diatomaceous earth of only the best grade, then forgive us for stating the obvious here but you won’t find a less expensive and more reliable place than Amazon.

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While it is harmless to humans, diatomaceous earth food grade is a nuclear death trap not just for bed bugs, but any other pest that ventures through it, including dust mites, fleas, spiders and yes, even cockroaches.

In terms of putting diatomaceous earth to work against bed bugs, the powder should first be used in all the likely places bed bugs hide. Although it is difficult if not impossible to get to all these places, particularly when a serious infestation has occurred, you can do serious damage to an infestation by sprinkling the powder in all the likely hiding places such as cracks and crevices in furniture, gaps where the carpet meets the wall as well as gaps in cupboards and closets. Many users have found the powder to be effective when sprinkled around the bed before they go to sleep at night. As unsuspecting bed bugs crawl through the powder to get a midnight snack, they simply dry up and die.

As noted, food grade diatomaceous earth is a powder, so it doesn’t get absorbed – once it’s administered to an area, it remains there and is visible. While this may be a slight negative from an aesthetics point of view, the upside is that you are able to see the powder and therefore able to easily keep track of the areas that have been treated, that is, provided the treated areas are out in the open and not cracks or crevices.

What’s really great about food grade diatomaceous earth is that while this powder is lethal to all types of bugs, it is harmless to pets and children, so don’t be concerned about food grade diatomaceous earth being exposed and out in the open.

The Good:

  • Lethal To Bed Bugs But Safe For Pets & Children
  • Effective & Inexpensive

The Bad:

  • Proper Administration Can Be Quite Time Consuming
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