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For those who have serious infestations looking to wage all-out nuclear war on bed bugs, you’ll want Steri-fab bed bug spray in your artillery.

With the Steri-fab Gallon bottle, you can really bring out the big guns and take care of severe infestations throughout the home and still have some bed bug spray left to spare.

Not only are bed bugs really gross, but they also pose a health risk and are known to cause allergies and eczema. The bottom line is, you just don’t want them around and if you are unfortunate enough to have a serious infestation in your home, you’re going to want to go beyond just preventing yourself from getting bitten – you’re going to want to do some heavy duty bed bug eradication.


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Put simply, Steri-fab is the ultimate bed bug spray – It’s job is to kill bed bugs and it does it better than any other product available – fact. The only reason we rank it slightly behind the diatomaceous earth food grade, is because it is chemical based, has a strong smell and is not something you want your children or pets to get a hold of. That being said, this should not be a concern if you just apply common sense and take proper precaution.

Our users have had really great results with Steri-fab just on its own, but when coupled with diatomaceous earth food grade, it is even more effective and may very likely allow you to rule out having to call in expensive professionals because these two products, if put to proper use with just a bit of effort and perserverance, will do just as good a job if not better.

Yes, Steri-fab does have quite a strong organic smell directly after spraying, but in our opinion if you have a serious infestation, this temporary smell is a small price to pay for what this product does. It is chemical based, but it is perfectly safe to spray on mattresses. The only thing you don’t want to be doing is have it accessible to children who might be tempted to drink it. Although, this is something you would want to be cautious with even with 100% natural products.

When sprayed on infected areas, Steri-fab kills most pests on contact, but what it is also effective at doing is luring bed bugs that didn’t come into direct contact with Steri-fab, out into the open. When this happens, many users have found that diatomaceous earth food grade powder compliments the Steri-fab treatment, by taking care of bugs that traverse through the powder when trying to relocate from areas where Steri-fab has been sprayed.

If you are serious about getting rid of bed bugs and are willing to put in the effort, Steri-fab is the right way to go and is hands down the best bed bugs spray available. Steri-fab, if used correctly, is a worthy substitute for employing costly professional exterminators. In fact many users have found that after spending thousands on professional exterminators and still not getting rid of their problem, they have been able to the job themselves by using Steri-fab and, as noted, just a little bit of effort and perserverance. We know it’s tedious, but unfortunately the sad truth is that if you aren’t prepared to make a bit of effort in your struggle against bed bugs, they will most likely get the better of you and you will never be rid of them.


The Good:

  • Very Effective At Killing Bed Bugs Of All Life Stages
  • Lasts A Long Time – 1 Gallon Handles A Serious Infestation With Some Left To Spare

The Bad:

  • Not 100% Natural
  • Quite Strong Smelling Straight After Application

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